October 1, 2023

Silver Availability, CFTF Silver Investigation, Morgan Stanley Gold Forecast

As gold closes above the $900 level in US Dollars and reaches new all time highs in the euro, British pound, and Canadian dollar, let’s take a look at some recent gold, silver, and precious metals related stories that are worth reading.

Real Silver Availability

Examining the remarkably small amount of silver bullion actually available in the world, and the even smaller amount that’s available for sale.

Gold ETF inventory at new all-time high

Another day, another new all time high for GLD tonnes in the trust. This is the sixth new all time high in the last eight trading days.

Silver investigation: Stakes are enormous

An interview with former directors of the Division of Enforcement at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission which shed some light on the ongoing CFTF investigation of the silver futures market.

2009 American Gold, Silver, Platinum Eagles Still Missing

The US Mint’s entire slate of collectible 2009 American Eagle and 2009 American Buffalo products are missing. Will the US Mint forego production of these gold, silver, and platinum numismatic products? (Note: this article discusses numismatic products, not the bullion products, some of which are also missing.)

Gold to Gain Through 2012, Morgan Stanley Forecasts

I poked a little bit of fun about Morgan Stanley’s previous forecast that gold would reach $1,000 in 2012. Gold’s recent strength has apparently emboldened them to up their forecast to $1,075, still in 2012.

Gold and Silver ETF, Gold vs. Platinum, Gold Revaluation Debate

It’s another Gold and Silver Blog Round up, exploring some gold , silver and precious metals related articles and blog posts from around the web.

COMEX commercial positions favor silver: Gold Gold Report

A comprehensive report including premiums on physical gold and silver, positioning of COMEX futures traders, and gold and silver ETF updates. To start of the year, SLV and GLD both reached new highs for tonnes in the trust.

Gold vs. Platinum: Is There a Favorite?

Comparing gold and platinum. Includes a nice illustration on the ratio of platinum to gold. Remember when they briefly reached parity?

Is President Obama Wearing a Giant Gold Mask?

Laying out the case for gold confiscation or really “gold revaluation” as a tool to restart consumer spending and revive the economy.

Gold revaluation – Clutching at golden straws

A response to the gold revaluation theory and the China Gold theory.

Investing in Rhodium, GLD ETF Holdings, COMEX Delivery

I haven’t had a round up in some time, so here’s one to bring us up to date with some of the most interesting gold, silver, and precious metals related stories found around the internet.

Rhodium: The Ultimate Reflationary Trade

After reaching a high of $10,010.00 per ounce, rhodium collapsed more than 90% to a low of $760 per ounce. As one of the rarest metals on the planet, is it time to buy?

Don’t Miss the Coming Gold Bull

A well written article, which gives an excellent outline of the bullish case for gold.

Biggest Gold ETF Holds Its Weight

Holdings of the SPDR Gold Shares exchange traded fund (GLD) held record levels of gold at the end of 2008, signaling firm underlying demand for gold.

A Nevada Town Escapes the Slump, Thanks to Gold

Quote from the story: “Times are good around here. People are happy.” When’s the last time you heard someone say that?

Is the Comex Doing Fractional Reserve Delivery of Gold?

A small precious metals fund reports that they were promised delivery of certain weights and serial numbered gold bars from the COMEX. The following day they were informed that they would instead be issued a “Warehouse Delivery Receipt” in place of the gold bars. Is something fishy going on?

Gold and Silver News & Headlines

Links to a number of interesting or notable gold and silver news stories or blog posts:

Platinum Almost the Same Price as Gold

Safe haven metal versus industrial metal. Will we reach parity?

Taking delivery of 1 to 5 million ounces a month

A very innovative idea… actually taking delivery of physical silver from the Comex.

Yes, We Have No Silver

Have you recently tried to buy physical silver near its market price? Here is the brief tale of one man’s frustrating quest.

Gold ETF Reaches One Dollar Per Tonne

Even though the price of gold recently experienced a rapid decline, “tonnes in the trust” barely moved. As the author says, “For gold, the price goes down, but investors don’t sell.”

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