June 19, 2024

Silver Availability, CFTF Silver Investigation, Morgan Stanley Gold Forecast

As gold closes above the $900 level in US Dollars and reaches new all time highs in the euro, British pound, and Canadian dollar, let’s take a look at some recent gold, silver, and precious metals related stories that are worth reading.

Real Silver Availability

Examining the remarkably small amount of silver bullion actually available in the world, and the even smaller amount that’s available for sale.

Gold ETF inventory at new all-time high

Another day, another new all time high for GLD tonnes in the trust. This is the sixth new all time high in the last eight trading days.

Silver investigation: Stakes are enormous

An interview with former directors of the Division of Enforcement at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission which shed some light on the ongoing CFTF investigation of the silver futures market.

2009 American Gold, Silver, Platinum Eagles Still Missing

The US Mint’s entire slate of collectible 2009 American Eagle and 2009 American Buffalo products are missing. Will the US Mint forego production of these gold, silver, and platinum numismatic products? (Note: this article discusses numismatic products, not the bullion products, some of which are also missing.)

Gold to Gain Through 2012, Morgan Stanley Forecasts

I poked a little bit of fun about Morgan Stanley’s previous forecast that gold would reach $1,000 in 2012. Gold’s recent strength has apparently emboldened them to up their forecast to $1,075, still in 2012.