April 20, 2024

Investing in Rhodium, GLD ETF Holdings, COMEX Delivery

I haven’t had a round up in some time, so here’s one to bring us up to date with some of the most interesting gold, silver, and precious metals related stories found around the internet.

Rhodium: The Ultimate Reflationary Trade

After reaching a high of $10,010.00 per ounce, rhodium collapsed more than 90% to a low of $760 per ounce. As one of the rarest metals on the planet, is it time to buy?

Don’t Miss the Coming Gold Bull

A well written article, which gives an excellent outline of the bullish case for gold.

Biggest Gold ETF Holds Its Weight

Holdings of the SPDR Gold Shares exchange traded fund (GLD) held record levels of gold at the end of 2008, signaling firm underlying demand for gold.

A Nevada Town Escapes the Slump, Thanks to Gold

Quote from the story: “Times are good around here. People are happy.” When’s the last time you heard someone say that?

Is the Comex Doing Fractional Reserve Delivery of Gold?

A small precious metals fund reports that they were promised delivery of certain weights and serial numbered gold bars from the COMEX. The following day they were informed that they would instead be issued a “Warehouse Delivery Receipt” in place of the gold bars. Is something fishy going on?

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