July 17, 2024

Gold and Silver ETF, Gold vs. Platinum, Gold Revaluation Debate

It’s another Gold and Silver Blog Round up, exploring some gold , silver and precious metals related articles and blog posts from around the web.

COMEX commercial positions favor silver: Gold Gold Report

A comprehensive report including premiums on physical gold and silver, positioning of COMEX futures traders, and gold and silver ETF updates. To start of the year, SLV and GLD both reached new highs for tonnes in the trust.

Gold vs. Platinum: Is There a Favorite?

Comparing gold and platinum. Includes a nice illustration on the ratio of platinum to gold. Remember when they briefly reached parity?

Is President Obama Wearing a Giant Gold Mask?

Laying out the case for gold confiscation or really “gold revaluation” as a tool to restart consumer spending and revive the economy.

Gold revaluation – Clutching at golden straws

A response to the gold revaluation theory and the China Gold theory.

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