June 22, 2024

Silver’s Biggest Gains Are Yet To Come

I think I am becoming a non-fan of infographics.  Maybe it’s just me, but many infographics are getting way too long and complicated.  With that in mind, the latest infographic on silver from the Visual Capitalist is worth a look – they keep the story focused and simple while explaining the investment facts on silver.

The fact that silver has corrected from its highs of 2011 is meaningless in the long term.  Every major multi-decade bull market will have sharp corrections along the way, especially when manipulated downward as was done by the COMEX in May 2011 (see How The COMEX Crashed The Silver Market).  Long term investors can calmly accumulate silver on sell offs and continue to build their wealth.

After breaking out of a long base, silver has had double digit gains in 7 of the past 10 years but is still super cheap as a competing currency to fiat money.  With virtually every major central bank in the world flooding the markets with newly created paper currencies, the value of money based only on  the “full faith and credit” of the issuer is guaranteed to decline against the value of real assets – especially gold and silver.

Silver as an Investment - The Silver Series Part 3

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