June 19, 2024

“How To Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off” – Free Kindle Book For Gold and Silver Blog Readers

Here’s a really great book on how to buy gold and silver that came to my attention.  I would recommend this book (“Stack Silver Get Gold”) to both long time gold and silver investors as well as those considering their first purchase.  Best of all, the price is right.  Author Hunter Riley has offered readers of the goldandsilverblog.com a free copy anytime between this Saturday, October 27th and Wednesday, October 31, 2012, offered through Amazon Kindle.  After October 31st, the purchase price of the book will be $9.99.

If you have a computer, you do not need a kindle to read the book. You can download Amazon.com’s free kindle reader here.
In addition, the author of the book, Hunter Riley, has added a contest where anyone who downloads the book during the Oct27-Oct31st free promotional period gets entered to win some American Eagle silver bullion.
Here’s the introduction to the book which I found compelling


The short book covers the following essential topics:

– How to avoid dealers and con artists who will rip you off

– Coins, rounds, bars, numismatic coins and junk silver – what premium you pay for each form of metal, and the advantages of each type
– What is premium and spot price?
– What type of silver and gold should you buy?
– What forms of gold and silver investments should you avoid?
– What are the dangers of ETF’s?

– Fraudulent dealers selling gold and silver that they don’t possess!
– Gold and silver mining stocks – good or bad investments?
– Gold and silver pools and leveraged accounts
– Phone dealers, TV ads and commemorative coins
– Where should you store your silver and gold?
– What type of home safe should you invest in?
– Wan you ad physical gold or silver investments to your IRA?
– Which is better as an investment? Gold or Silver?

– How to profit as the dollar collapses.
– What are the best gold and silver investing newsletters?
– Where can you buy gold and silver online?

– Which are the most reputable companies to deal with?

Note:  The Gold and Silver Blog receives no compensation for promoting this book.  It is done solely to educate investors on investing in gold and silver.


  1. Guess I missed the special offer, but it still sounds like a good book to invest in. Thanks for posting, I’ll look it up.

  2. Great post! Been reading a lot about selling gold. Thanks for the info here!

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