July 17, 2024

Gold and Silver News & Headlines for November 26

Dig It: These People are Burying Their Cash

Some people are withdrawing money from their FDIC insured, interest bearing bank accounts to bury the cash (or gold purchased with cash) in their backyards. A few years ago something like this would have sounded paranoid or at least eccentric, but it doesn’t seem that way anymore.

The gold price over Thanksgiving

Will the bullish bent for gold hold true this Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday?

Gold vs. Oil: Gold is Winning

If you haven’t seen a chart of the gold/oil ratio lately, check out this article.

Is the Great Bear Bullish on Gold?

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation continues to increase their holdings in gold. As the price of gold has fallen, their purchases seem to have accelerated.

Bring back the link between gold and the dollar

Many high profile publications are starting to voice the opinion. First, it was the Wall Street Journal, now the Financial Times.