October 1, 2023

Gold and Silver News & Headlines for November 19


To Prevent Bubbles, Restrain the Fed

Some very interesting opinions are being published in the Wall Street Journal lately. “Mr. Obama needs to stop the next asset bubble from being inflated by imposing a commodity standard on the Fed. A commodity standard (such as a gold standard) imposes discipline on a central bank because it forces it to acquire commodity reserves in order to increase the money supply.”

Saudi Arabia buys $3.5bn of gold in two weeks

But at what price? “News about the Saudi gold rush is bound to fuel speculation about the alleged large physical gold transactions that have been taking place at prices will above the spot price set in the futures market.”

Worth $15,000, will you take $30?

Kids sell a 62.5 chunk of metal for gas money. It turns out they had been breaking into safes.

Silver Available Amidst Shortages

Arbitrage play on physical silver of various weights: Sell 100 oz. silver bars, use the proceeds to buy 1,000 oz. bars, and fabricate those into 1 oz. bars. I’m surprised there are not more people doing this in large scale.

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