September 25, 2023

Gold Price Hits All Time High, Silver At 31 Year High

The price of gold hit an all time highs for the second day in a row, while silver prices moved up to a new 31 year high.

As measured by the closing London P.M. Fix Price, gold reached an all time high of  $1,447.00 up from yesterday’s all time high of $1,439.50.  The previous record London Fix Price was $1,437.50 on March 7th.   The all time record high intraday price of gold was also reached on March 7th at $1,444.95.  Earlier in the day, Comex gold futures had hit an all time high of $1,448.60 before a pull back erased the day’s gains.  In late afternoon trading the bid on New York spot gold was $1,431.30.

Silver futures scored another new 31 year high at $38.18 before sliding to $37.45 in New York spot trading.   The closing London P.M. Fix Price for silver was $37.78.


In 2010, the price of gold advanced by 30% as investors grew increasing nervous about the value of paper currencies and the increasing threat of inflation.  The U.S. Federal Reserve policy of printing money to fund government deficits sets a horrendous precedence and it appears that other central banks will soon be conducting their own versions of quantitative easing.

The European Central Bank is struggling to prevent numerous sovereign defaults in an effort to preserve the European Union and monetization of the debt seems to be the only feasible “solution”.   Japan, the most heavily indebted developed nation in the world, needs hundreds of billions of dollars for reconstruction after a devastating earthquake and the printing press seems to be their only option.

Reflecting on the fiscal and monetary policies being conducted by the U.S. Government, Warren Buffet stated that “We’re following policies that will lead to a lot of inflation down the road unless changes are made.  The U.S. can’t run the kind of deficits we’re running and other policies without it being enormously inflationary”.

Unfortunately, intelligent changes are not being made and the ruinous policies of central banks seems likely to continue at an accelerated rate.  Gold has broken out to new highs and should see significant price gains in 2011.

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