June 21, 2024

Are You Getting Gold for the Holidays or Giving it?

We’ve mentioned the French company that has recently launched a line of gold mini bars in an attempt to increase revenue. Just in time for the year’s gift giving season, CPoR is making the argument that its ingots are an essentially recession proof gift—the ultimate stocking stuffer, in fact.

There are two different principles at work. The first is the fact that gold is a solid investment at the moment. The precious metal is experiencing an amazing market high and many signs point to its continuing growth.

Continued concerns about the economy and the effects of inflation have done much to encourage an investor interest in the metal as a save repository for their funds. This marketing idea is not simply about giving the gift of a solid investment, however. It’s also about the intrinsic allure of the metal itself.

Currently that allure is reflected in the fact that gold bar hoarding is on the rise. According to the World Gold Council it has increased 44% since 2009 and that was an increase of 42% over the numbers from 2008. The fact is people who buy gold can get a deep satisfaction out of having physical access to their purchase. If they take delivery of the precious metal and secure it themselves, then they retain access to it in all its many charms. Just holding or even looking at the bars can be a powerful experience.

The gift of a gold bar for the holidays offers the recipient a chance to have their own powerful moment with the metal. It’s a gift that combines and appeal to the senses, the height of luxury, and sound financial planning in one tidy package.

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