May 23, 2024

How To Buy Physical Silver With A Zero Chance Of Loss

silverAnything that sound too good to be true, well, you know how that ends.

But there actually is a way to purchase physical silver with a zero chance of loss, courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM).

For the first time ever, the RCM is offering a coin with a face value of $100 at a price of $100.  Here are the details courtesy of the mintnewsblog.

Following the success of their “$20 for $20″ silver coin program, the Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new series which uses the same concept for a larger face value.

Orders are now being accepted for the first “$100 for $100″ silver coin, which is the initial release for the Wildlife in Motion series. The RCM indicates this is the first time in history that $100 can buy a coin worth $100.

Buffalo $100 Silver Coin

The reverse of the coin designed by Claudio D’Angelo features three members of a herd of stampeding bison racing across the grassy prairie. The bison are pictured in profile, illustrating the movement and momentum of the massive creatures. The background shows foothills which are backed by a jagged mountain with clouds above. The inscriptions read “Canada 2013″ and the legal tender face value of “$100 Dollars”.

The obverse of the coin features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susanna Blunt.

The 2013 $100 for $100 Bison Silver Coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 31.6 grams (1.016 troy ounces) and diameter of 40 mm. The maximum mintage is limited to 50,000 pieces with a limit of three coins per household.

These coins are available for sale priced at their face value of $100 CAD. The product page can be found here.

This is about as close to a sure thing as you can find in life.  The coin will always have a value of $100. If silver prices increase to $200 per ounce, the coin would be worth about $200 based on the silver content of 1.016 troy ounce.