July 17, 2024

There Is “A Limited Amount of Gold, An Unlimited Amount of Paper Money”

Legendary bond king investor Bill Gross, who presides over the world’s largest bond funds makes a compelling case for owning gold in an interview with Bloomberg TV.  Lead manager of influential Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) since 1987, Bill Gross reputedly made $200 million in 2011.

The PIMCO Total Return fund has produced a fat 9.5% return for investors over the past five years, trouncing the returns on the S&P 500 and the vast majority of competing bond funds.  Total funds managed by PIMCO total a staggering $1.8 trillion.

PIMCO’s success has in large part been due to Bill Gross’s ability to accurately assess the macroeconomic picture.  Bill Gross’s bullish position on gold is not something to be lightly discounted by investors.

According to Bill Gross, the bullish outlook for gold rests on the endless expansion of credit by central banks.  Gold has a considerable store of value that paper money does not and there is a “limited amount of gold, an unlimited amount of paper money.”

When world central banks engage in a long term period of money printing and start writing checks in the trillions, it is best to have something that’s tangible and can’t be reproduced like gold. Gross expects that central banks, which have trillions of dollars in reserves, will continue to expand their holdings of gold rather than invest in 10 year government bonds that pay a paltry 1% interest.