December 7, 2023

2010 American Gold Eagle Release Date

After a year of heavy demand, the United States Mint will begin offering the 2010 American Gold Eagle bullion coin with a slight delay. Typically, authorized purchasers are able to order the coins in late December for delivery in early January. This year orders won’t be accepted until January 19, 2010.

The reason for the delay is because the US Mint continued to produce the 2009-dated Gold Eagle bullion coins up until the end of the year, amidst the continuing high demand. This demand resulted in the fourth highest annual sales total of gold bullion in ounces.

Typically, production of coins bearing the following year’s date will begin by early December. This, in turn, allows the US Mint to accept orders earlier and begin delivery a few days into the new year.

The only gold bullion coin offered will be the one ounce 2010 Gold Eagle. The status of fractional weight offerings has not been provided. During 2009, the US Mint sold only the one ounce coins for the first eleven months of the year and offered the fractional Gold Eagles during December.

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