May 23, 2024

US Mint Sells Record 34.6 Million Silver Eagle Bullion Coins

Demand for physical precious metals continues to drive United States Mint bullion sales to new heights. The American Silver Eagle bullion coins sold a record 34,662,500 coins during 2010.

The previous record for annual sales was achieved in 2009 when 28,766,500 coins were sold. This sales level was surpassed in November of this year, so the only question was how far into record territory sales would eventually extend. The final numbers for 2010 represent a rise of 20.50% from the previous record.

Each American Silver Eagle bullion coin contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. The coins have been offered by the United States Mint annually since 1986. By law, the coins must be issued in quantities needed to meet public demand, which means that production fluctuates from year to year to meet this target. At some times during the past three years, production has fallen short of meeting full demand, which has necessitated sales suspensions and rationing programs.

From the start of the program in October 1986 through December 31, 2010, total Silver Eagle bullion sales have reached 241,277,000.

Today, the US Mint began accepting orders from authorized purchasers for 2011 Silver Eagle bullion coins. According to the US Mint’s website, opening orders total 1,696,000, although this might include some remaining 2010-dated coins.

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