April 20, 2024

Gold Bulls and Bears, Gold Super Bowl Ad, Global Financial Pyramid Scheme

With gold now at a six month high, here’s a brief round up of some gold stories.

Gold jumps as economy falters

The mainstream press has once again started “name dropping” the $1,000 level for gold in their stories.

Is gold really pausing?

From a few days ago, ironically, some long term gold bulls were wondering if the recent move was just a false breakout that would be suppressed at the $900 level.

Cash4Gold snaps up a slot for Super Bowl XKLL ad

Moving from late-night cable TV advertising to the Super Bowl. The ad will feature Ed McMahon and MC Hammer.

Where did all the money go?

The Gaurdian explains the global financial pyramid scheme. From one of the slides: “Ever since central banks stopped pegging their currencies to the price of gold, money has been a nebulous concept: a promise to pay the bearer, or “cheque” from the central bank, rather than a permanent store of wealth.”