June 21, 2024

COMEX Deliveries, Peter Schiff on Gold, India Post Gold

Here’s a round up of some recent gold and silver news articles and stories from around the internet:

A Memorable Delivery Experience

With the physical price of gold and silver far exceeding the exchange prices, many have decided to take physical deliveries from the COMEX. The above provides an enlightening, first hand account of taking delivery from the COMEX.

Peter Schiff on Gold, the Dollar and Asian Markets

An interview with Peter Schiff from HardAssetsInvestor.com.

India Post is selling fold like hotcakes

Earlier this year, the Indian government began a program to sell gold coins through post offices. The India Post has been “overwhelmed” with the positive response and plan to expand the program.

Local Investors Flocking to Gold Coins

Another story exploring the incredible demand for gold coins at a local coin shop. According to the article, the owner receives 20 to 30 phone calls per day from people looking to buy gold, but “maybe one” phone call a day from someone looking to sell.