June 22, 2024

Gold and Silver News & Headlines for December 2

Going for the gold: The Real Deal

You may have heard anecdotal stories about this already. While investigating “cash for gold” companies, Reporters received offers of $112.34 and $766.74 for the same amount of gold. In reality, both offers were probably too low.

It’s a Gold and Silver Rush

I always like these first hand accounts of people trying to buy physical gold and silver. This report hails from Canada.

Is the End of the COMEX Nigh?

Is it really true that gold has fallen 93% of the time this year on the NY COMEX?

Comex Gold Shock and Awe

Deliveries of December COMEX gold and futures contracts begin. The first day’s deliveries were 8,600 100 ounce contracts. This compares to deliveries for the entire month of October of 11,554.