November 28, 2022

Silver Soars to 30 Year High as Precious Metals Resume Upwards Trends

After a brief consolidation below the 50 day moving average in late January, silver resumed its uptrend with a vengeance.  The London PM fix price for silver closed at $31.94 up from $30.00 the previous week.  Since late January, silver has rocketed $5.50  for over a 20% gain.

Silver - courtesy

The fruitless budget reduction talks in Washington, a slide in the US Dollar Index and a new high on silver are certain to ignite the precious metal markets into another major move upwards.  Most investors under the age of 50 probably don’t remember the last time silver prices have soared past $30 in the early 1980’s.

Technically and fundamentally, silver is poised to make a major move.  Price movements coming out of long bases usually have a long duration.   Silver has broken out from an ultra long base of over 25 years.  The initial move from the $5 area to $30 is simply the first phase of what should turn out to be a major upward move.

Long term silver

Silver hit an all time high of $48.70 in January 1980.  The inflation adjusted historical high for silver is $130 per ounce.  Considering the horrendous manner in which sovereign states are conducting their financial affairs and the potential for another financial crisis, the inflation adjusted high of $130 will look like a bargain price at some future date.

The closing London Fix Prices showed gains across the board from the previous week.  Silver was the standout performer with a gain of 6.5%.

Precious Metals Prices
Fri PM Fix Since Last Recap
Gold $1,383.50 +19.50 (+1.43%)
Silver $31.94 +1.94 (+6.46%)
Platinum $1,836.00 +7.00 (+0.38%)
Palladium $847.00 +25.00 (+3.04%


  1. I have been watching the silver prices really rise over the last few days. Hopefully it will keep going! Silver is really undervalued compared to Gold.

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