October 5, 2022

Platinum Tops $1,000, 2008 Average Price of Silver, Bearish call on Gold

A brief round up of some of the more interesting gold, silver, and precious metals articles and events from the past week.

Platinum Tops $1,000 on Stimulus Outlook; Gold, Silver Drop

Even as gold and silver fell, platinum continued its recent move and topped the $1,000 mark intraday for the first time since October.

Silver News and Views

Even though silver lost more than 25% during 2008, it’s average price for 2008 posted a gain of nearly 12%. The included chart of the annual average price of silver looks impressive.

Merrill Lynch says rich turning to gold bars for safety

An article on the highly publicized remarks from Merrill Lynch’s chief investment officer regarding gold. Wealthy clients want physical gold.

A Bearish Call on Bullion

The editors of gold timing newsletters are more bullish now than they have been in three and a half years. The author sees this as a bearish sign, even amidst the admission that government manipulation may play a role in the price of gold.

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