December 5, 2023

Perth Mint “Mini Roo” Half Gram Gold Coin

I suppose it’s natural that escalating gold prices would lead to smaller sized gold coin offerings. As the price has increased, standard sized gold bullion offerings grow more expensive, and perhaps out of reach for some smaller scale investments.

The Perth Mint recently introduced a half gram gold coin called the “Mini Roo.” This is a miniature version of their popular Gold Kangaroo, which is also offered in weight ranging from one-tenth ounce to one kilo.

The diminutive coin features a newly designed bounding kangaroo and carries a legal tender face value of 2 Australian Dollars. The coins have a diameter of 11.60 mm, thickness of 0.70 mm, and contain 99.99% pure gold.

One half gram of gold works out to 0.016 troy ounces of gold. At today’s gold price, the intrinsic value of the Mini Roo is $19.60. The Perth Mint’s website shows the coins priced at US $38.18 each. This is actually only slightly cheaper than the pricing for one gram gold bars, but a manufacturing premium is to be expected for coins over bars.

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