December 7, 2023

Examining the Gold ETFs, Gold Reaches New Highs

With gold continuing its run, there’s been plenty of gold appearances in the mainstream press. But the more interesting discussions usually happen elsewhere. Here’s a few noteworthy blog posts and articles related to gold.

One thousand tonnes in the trust!

The SPDR Gold Shares ETF continued its rapid inventory growth and surpassed one thousand tonnes this week. An astounding 229 tonnes have been added so far during 2009.

Where do all the gold etfs get their bullion from?

While many mainstream news reports were quick to highlight the one thousand tonne level, others started raising questions. In an atmosphere of gold scarcity, where are the Gold ETFs getting the gold for their massive daily additions?

Ten Reasons to Avoid the Gold ETF

Elaborating on the above, an article that will make you seriously reconsider any investments in Gold ETFs.

Gold Around the Globe: Setting Records

While gold in US Dollars is still laboring below its all time high reached last March, gold in other major currencies has been setting new all time highs.

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