February 24, 2024

2009 Proof Gold Buffalo Coin

In addition to bullion coins, the United States Mint will also be producing a collectible proof version of the 2009 American Gold Buffalo. The status of this product was uncertain for much of the year, until the tentative release of the coin on October 29, 2009 was finally announced in early October.

In the prior year, the US Mint had offered a wide array of collectible products related to the Gold Buffalo. This had included a full range of proof coins in one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce sizes with a four coins set. The same range of options were available for a collectible uncirculated version of the coin with the “W” mint mark. Additional products included a Double Prosperity Set, which contained the one-half ounce collectible uncirculation version of the coin, and the Buffalo Celebration Coin, which was a specially packaged one ounce bullion coin.

All of these products were discontinued at the end of 2008, except for the one ounce proof version. When the American Gold Buffalo series had first been launched in 2006, the US Mint had only offered this one collectible option. After the great expansion of products during 2008, the situation had reverted back to the starting point.

The 2008 Gold Buffalo products have now become a favorite of collectors. The collectible proof and uncirculated coins are in constant demand and sell for premium prices. Following the announced discontinuation many collectors gained a new appreciation for these products, which would now represent a single year issue with relatively low mintages.

The one ounce 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo is expected to be in high demand. Pricing and ordering limits for the product have not yet been announced by the United States Mint.

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