December 4, 2023

2009 Precious Metals Performance: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

Precious metals delivered a strong performance during 2009 with strong returns across the major categories of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Although gold seemed to dominate the attention of the mainstream press, the annual performance figures reveal that it was outperformed by other precious metals.

The table below displays the last price of 2008 from Kitco’s historical charts and the last price of 2009. The change and percentage change are computed below.

2009 Precious Metals Performance

Gold Silver Platinum Palladium
Last 2008 Price 869.75 10.79 898.00 183.00
Last 2009 Price 1,087.50 16.99 1,461.00 393.00
Change 217.75 6.20 563.00 210.00
Percentage Change 25.04% 57.46% 62.69% 114.75%

As seen above the surprising winner for the year was palladium, which delivered a return of 114.75%. This was followed by platinum with 62,69%, silver with a gain of 57.46%, and lastly gold with a gain of 25.04% recorded.

In some respects the out performance of palladium, platinum, and silver are simply making up for ground that was lost during 2008 (2008 Precious Metals Performance). Last year palladium had fallen by nearly 50%, platinum by about 40%, and silver by 26%. During the same period, gold recorded a small gain of 4.32%.

One of the recent characteristics of gold has been its steady upward march, defying panics in other asset classes, and general declines in commodities. This year marks gold’s ninth annual gain, which has brought the price of gold 291% higher from the end of 2000 until the end of 2009.


  1. The race to the gold has definitely broken the patterns of the classic graphic financial projections based on mathematical rules and statistics can usually provide a large part of the financial cycles. The trend of gold in recent years, however, must be regarded as an exception that has gone outside the rules because of a particular general economic and financial situation, which is why I believe that the performance of gold over the next period must be evaluated outside of traditional patterns with an eye to the general economy than to the classical schemes financial charts. I personally believe that macroeconomic factors are important for assessing future progress of the gold price is on the one hand the growth of emerging economies like China, India and Russia have expressed their willingness to want to increase their gold reserves giving further reason to rise the gold price over the long term. Another factor that may affect upward is the great interest of private investment, especially in western areas because of general economic stagnation of countries are turning their interest in an investment that certainly will not help to boost the economy but at least “seems “put away from excessive risks. These factors seem to hold a real gold his triumphal march of gold in the long term leads me to thinking, the many historical records that the gold has been capped in recent times has attracted many market players that have rushed to offer securities that offered investments that rely on this precious metal, coming thus to create an offer that could meet the huge growth in demand for gold investment, but behind these operators offering financial and non-physical gold exists fairly structured system that can withstand the market and its physiological fluctuations? or it risks seeing its gold price decrease quickly the victim of a financial bubble? as happened a few years ago the technology sector. I think this will depend very much on the will and convenience that organizations worldwide will decide to give this investment market, to be sure that the complete liberalization of trade has long been the gold would appear to give assurances that the investment is seen positively in all financial levels. In conclusion I think that in light of all this can be considered today the gold no longer a defensive investment with which to protect their capital but an investment that can produce great profits but would also suffer sudden collapses as happens with financial products increased risk.

  2. Gold continues to rule the investment market for the financial agency RBS investing in gold itself as the right strategy be put in place at a time of crisis like the current that makes its weight felt on world stock markets. According to experts RBS gold will continue its upward trend again at least in the short and medium term, the perpetration of a debt situation in many European countries is the need by investors to ensure their portfolios against the unpredictable market trend further reinforces the yellow metal that seems to have become the ark right to save from the flood of 2009 is that financial demolishing all the other things on which they were based investors to realize gains.

  3. Record sales of gold coins in the U.S. in May 2010, the sale of American Eagle coins famous has reached 190mila ounces of gold sold. The perpetrators of the crisis beyond the financial investment in gold is also pushing sales of physical gold, the gold bullion after they are a useful method of investment as well as offering a convenient way to accumulate or sell their investment in small quantities, allows some evaluation of the gold coin of contents by reference.

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